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How do you reach 1 in 4 people on this planet with half a trillion pounds to spend?

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I will give CEOs an insight into the arsenal of channels that can be used to drive online traffic and show how that traffic can be converted to drive business growth. I will arm business owners the tough questions they can use with their marketing teams and suppliers. This insight will ensure they will be in a position to better understand the real opportunity they have before them, and if their teams are making the most of those opportunities.

I will cover not only the theory of digital marketing but provide an insight into the mechanics of the delivery solutions platforms provide. As a practitioner and consultant, my information is always up-to-date which is key to staying on top of this ever-changing medium.

This workshop will help you with the following areas;

  • An overview of why online strategies are so important.
  • How to understand your owned channels. (websites, social profiles, brand, etc.)
  • How to understand earned channels (Content Marketing, Search Optimisation, etc.)
  • How to understand paid channels (Google Adwords, Facebook PPC, Linkedin Ads, etc.)
  • Establishing KPIs and monitoring results through a selection of industry tools.

How to create content for social media and search optimisation

Writing for the web - this workshop covers why writing for the web is completely different to writing for print. why I hear you ask?

Simply put:

  • Web users spend less time reading a page.
  • Reading a screen is harder for many than reading print to content needs to be structured clearly.
  • Readers can be encouraged to take a next step easier than print.
  • Search engines read your pages a specific way so if you want to get ranked you need to write for Google.
  • Viral content requires viral ingredients if you want to make your content social.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Content structure
  • Writing techniques
  • Content Types
  • SEO techniques
  • Trigger words

Social Media Optimisation - Facebook your fears and tweet your self

Also known as SMO or Community Management we show you promote you or your business and refine the process to perfection. It takes into account social media communities, bookmarking, news, blogging and more.

You will learn about monitoring tools, strategy tools and how to successfully engage your audience through careful planning. We will cover setting key performance indicators and learn to understand the scale and excitement of the social media online sphere. You will gain an insight into certain platforms marketing tools such as Facebook and Linkedin, as well as how targeted both demographically and geographically this kind of media can be. Finally you will discover the secret tools used to master this arena with minimum effort. Contact me if you would like to learn more.

Google Adwords - Click, Click, Buy
TIMINGS 40/60/90/180 MINUTES

The first thing to know is that just because you bid the highest price for your Google advert it doesn’t mean you’ll get to the top of the search engine - a position is based on an adverts quality score multiplied by the bid price. So this workshop shows you how do you get the best quality score and what happens when you go beyond the basics?

After working with Google Adwords since it’s inception in 2001, Damon show you how to squeeze the most visits out of your budget. Not only this he can show you how to ensure you reach the right audience and get the best ROI.

We will cover advanced tracking of campaigns as well as Landing Pages and Multi-Varient Testing. We can position this for both CEOs to understand what their teams are doing or for marketing teams to give them a deeper understanding of tactics and techinques that work.

Connecting the Dots with Linkedin

I'm not sure if you have ever noticed that all the best things in Linkedin are in the smallest text? Linkedin is one of the best online business networking tools there is. It is also one of the greatest ways to manage your personal and business brands from a reputation point of view.

In this workshop you will learn how to create and write successful profiles and use them to leverage connections online. As a very early adopter of Linkedin and a proud holder of Linkedin's first million member badge, (still waiting for the T-Shirt), I have a great deal of insight in how to build and operate a successful network. I can also show you how to make use of some of Linkedin's lesser know features and experiments.

So whether you are wanting to discover how an executive leadership team can best use Linkedin or you have a large sales force that wish to find better ways of connecting with potential clients, I can craft a workshop for you.

Twelve Keys to Search Engine Optimisation

Although there are many ways of driving traffic to a website the most cost effective long term strategy is search engine optimisation. SEO is not an overnight success you can easily expect good SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Positions) to take six to twelve months to achieve. If done properly your presence in the search engines can be a long and happy one.

Damon takes you through the 12 main keys to a successful SEO campaign. With this information you will know if your SEO team are doing all they can to ensure the best visibility in the search engines.

Seven Secrets of Online Success

Is the internet a brilliant tool or a waste of your time? Web wizard Damon Segal reveals the seven secrets of getting the best from the internet for your business and personal lives.

You will discover how to choose your web agency and how to define your requirement for your website. You will understand the best practices in usability, technology and hosting - giving you the tools to know what should be expected from a company you engage. You will be able to exploit different methods of making money from the internet and most importantly will be able to make your presence known.

Damon will share nearly two decades of experience working with some of the world’s largest organisations and will lift the veil on the dark art of getting the best out of Google. You will leave with knowledge that is usually restricted to the industry's top professionals. Damon will reveal what Google adwords, banner advertising, social media and other common online marketing tactics can do for your business.

Finally, you will learn how to create and maintain a presence on the web using Social Media Optimisation.

Damon Segal's Seven Secrets of Online Success will guarantee that in all your dealings with the internet you will get a valuable return on your money, time and effort.

How to Define a Social Media Strategy Framework

Social network marketing is a complex and a powerful medium, which when effectively used as an online marketing tool can influence the way people think about your business. An effective social media marketing campaign requires well thought out objectives, careful planning, social media expertise, advanced writing, research skills, efficient campaign implementation and campaign success tracking procedures. You have access to all the necessary expertise and skills to ensure a successful social media campaign implementation. You just may not know it yet.

Your customers and potential customers are passionate about mutual subjects. A campaign will not just be about promoting your services or products; it will also be about accentuating the passion you share with these customers and future customers on the social networks.

The Social Media Marketing campaign for your business/organisation should involve active participation. This workshop will help you with the following areas;

  • Determine the overall direction of the campaign.
  • Develop a company story; identify the primary messages, themes and topics of discussion.
  • Identify participants; develop profiles & biographies and the responsibilities of each participant.
  • Set goals and objectives, and time lines for each.
  • Set KPIs and monitor results through a selection of industry tools.


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